Swedish Massage (60min) $75
Swedish Massage (90min)
Gentle to medium pressure technique which promotes circulation and an overall sense of well-being
Deep Tissue Massage (60 min) $85
Deep Tissue Massage (90 min) $125
Swedish Massage (90min)
Slow, deep pressure massage that targets stressed muscles by unlocking tension and relieving pain
Body Glow Scrub with Massage (90 min)
Skin renewal that comes from using superior products that exfoliate your entire body includes a full body massage.
Hot Stone Massage (60 min) $85
Hot Stone Massage (90 min)
Smooth stones glide over your body warming muscles thereby creating a comforting form of relaxation.
Prenatal Massage (2nd and 3rd trimester only)
Relaxing massage for both mother-to-be and baby. Relieve muscle aches and joint pain by reducing swelling
Back Facial (60 min)
Deep cleansing of the back and shoulders by removing excess oil and debris resulting in unclogged pores. This treatment includes a back, leg, and foot massage.
Get away Massage Package (120 min)
A choice of Swedish or Deep Tissue massage with our signature facial
Couple side-by-side Swedish Massage (60min) $140
Couple side-by-side Tissue Massage (60min) $160

Committed to using only the highest quality products and maintaining the best sanitation/disinfection procedures possible in order to offer you a safe & comfortable environment.

  • Give you the spa services at everyday price.
  • Treat clients as family members.
  • Make every manicure & pedicure unforgettable.
  • Gentlemen are always welcome.